Montana Grown Wool Blankets

Wrap yourself in the soft comfort of wool and rediscover what it means to REST.

Montana Grown Wool Blankets

Wrap yourself in the soft comfort of wool and rediscover what it means to REST.

100% virgin Targhee Wool - Made in the usa
Warm, Breathable, Comfortable

Life is mentally and physically demanding.

What if we take time to remember:

How good a glass of water tastes on a hot day? 

The sweet smell of new rain?  

How incredible it feels to finally sit down when we are exhausted?

Underneath the comfort and warmth of a soft wool blanket, what if we remember what it means to “rest”?

Wrap your mind and body in a 100% Targhee wool blanket and feel the weight of the day melt away.

Let woolen warmth be your companion as you sink into a moment of comfort. As shepherds at Montana Wool Company, we know what it means to be frozen in mind and body after giving it your all.

We understand stress and worry.
We see “tired” as a frequent and unwelcome guest.
We appreciate putting your heart into everything you do.
You are only human. Why not learn to REST again?

Our Featured Blankets

Partnering with our sheep, we grow wool in Montana and turn it into wool blankets that remind us to BE STILL so we can . . .

Run the race,
learn from others,
make a difference,
and tell our stories.

Benefits of Montana Wool Blankets

American Made & Montana Grown

The natural fiber in our blankets is 100% Montana grown, virgin Targhee wool. Our blankets are also entirely USA made wool blankets and support the American economy.

Sustainable and Renewable Resources

You can feel good about your purchase because it protects our environment and supports a family-owned agriculture enterprise.

Soft, Warm, Natural Fibers

Our Targhee wool is soft, next-to-skin, comfortable, and breathable. There is no polyester “plastic” in our soft wool blankets. Most importantly, it will keep you warm!

Humanely Harvested Wool

Our sheep are professionally shorn with precision, love, and care on a yearly basis. Shearing aids in the welfare of our animals especially before the summer months.

How to order your warm wool blanket


Determine Your Needs

What size and weight of blanket do you want?


Select your favorite wool blanket

Which of our soft wool blankets fits your home and style?


Comfort and rest delivered to your door

Select your shipping options and warm yourself under the covers.

About Montana Wool Company

Montana Wool Company represents a family – Brent, Tracie, Ben, & Caroline Roeder; a livestock enterprise – the sheep we partner with; and a small business – the cornerstone of the American economy.

Our goal is to sustainably produce exceptional wool products made in the United States. Our mission is to help people remember what it means to rest, relax, and be still.

We are proud members of the American Sheep Industry, Montana Wool Growers Association, the National Sheep Improvement Program, United States Targhee Sheep Association, the Montana Targhee Sheep Association, and the Front Range Wool Pool.

“It is an honor to provide the basic human needs of comfort and warmth renewably and sustainably while connecting people with American Agriculture.”

Montana Wool Company Vision Statement