About Us

We are Montana Wool Company

We raise Targhee sheep – an entirely American breed. Targhees were developed at the U.S.  Sheep Experiment Station in Dubois, Idaho, in the early 20th century by the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service. They are a dual-purpose breed producing fine, soft wool and good lamb.  Targhees are known for their maternal characteristics, hardiness, and are especially suited to the Western range environment. They are popular in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. The breed was  named after the Targhee National Forest where they initially grazed in the summer. The word Targhee  is the name of a Bannock Chief known for his pacifism, strong character, and integrity.

About Our Operation

Montana Sheep Co.,the parent company of Montana Wool Co., is a first-generation livestock operation started in 2006 with a dream, a bare piece of ground, 50 sheep, and A LOT of hope. Sixteen years later we (Brent & Tracie Roeder) have raised two children, Ben & Caroline, who are integral to our operation, well over 2,000 lambs, and nurtured the idea that with hard work, ingenuity, and compassionate shepherding anything is possible.

Montana Wool Co. began in 2017. This was an even bigger leap of faith. We had wool evaluated at the Montana State University Wool Lab and used data from the National Sheep Improvement Program to determine which sheep produced the finest wool.  Cross country trips to New York and Wyoming with fellow sheep producers Karen Helle (Duckworth Wool) and Carolyn Green (Sweet Grass Wool) helped form a vision of producing humanely harvested wool blankets which are soft, next to skin comfortable, renewable, sustainable, and 100% made in the USA.

We Care Greatly for Our Sheep

We live by the maxim that our livestock come first. We believe our sheep deserve the best care and nutrition we can possibly give them. They are handled gently and with respect. Every ewe lambing and every lamb born is cherished. The sacredness of life is important to us. The title shepherd is earned.

We are all products of FFA and 4-H. In the families we grew up in and the family we raised much of what we consumed we produced. We learned early the value of good food, family, friends, and the  memories created by the mix. Lambs are born at home on the Greenfield Bench.  Ewes and lambs have been grazed in the summer along the Judith River on a prescription leafy spurge grazing project. Starting the summer of 2023, they will be grazed along the Blackfoot River, and then brought home for the winter. Our sheep are antibiotic and hormone free and sustainably grass-fed.

We aim to produce superior wool blankets through our fiber operation – Montana Wool Co., outstanding lamb for the table available at Central Avenue Meats in Great Falls, and exceptional Targhee breeding stock for fellow sheep producers offered through the Montana Ram and Ewe Sales held annually by the Montana Wool Growers Association on the Wednesday and Thursday of the second full week of September in Miles City, Montana. Buying Montana Wool Co. blankets and Montana Sheep Co. lamb means your dollars are spent wisely through the purchase of renewable and sustainable agricultural goods. All of our products are 100% grown, developed, and manufactured in the United States of America.

Rest, relax, and be still with one of our Montana Wool Blankets